About us


We, Tomas, Aira and Ričardas have known each other for six years and during these years have been talking about things that inspire us. Tomas had already begun experimenting with jewelry-making techniques, and Aira and Ričardas saw the potential of these products to see how the brand could be developed. So we decided to unite our experiences and create TIMBRAW.

TIMBRAW is a combination of two words - Timber + Raw - that contains nature and man. It is a mix of harsh Baltic and hot Africa, South America and Asia. We use Lithuanian wood to create our products: oak, linden and ash, which we find out in the Baltic Sea and in Lithuanian forests, as well as exotic wood found in South Africa, South America and Asia. In the production process, we blend the wood with a plant-based epoxy, hard and transparent as glass produced in Italy.

We dedicate these uniquely designed handmade products with an inimitable world inside, for travel enthusiasts, adventure seekers, fans of mystical creatures and nature lovers looking for exclusivity, and all people who do not lack imagination.

Feel the story that reflects your spirit and imagination in the palm of your hand!